Felix Jr is dreaming of his own home

Super Handsome Felix Junior is looking for a loving home he can call his own. He’s a purring machine and he’s very friendly. His ideal home would be with a secure outdoor access (fenced back garden). He doesn’t really like other cats and not sure about dogs but he definitely loves people and will spend night (and days) on your bed.

Arnold and Frankie are looking for a loving home together

Arnold and Frankie became best friends in their foster home and now they are looking for a loving home together.

 Arnold is an older boy, FIV+ and Frankie is about 4 years old. Frankie was extremely shy and it took him ages to come round – he still can hiss now and then, possibly hide for a bit and his confidence still needs boosting but he’s a lovely boy and all he needs is someone patient who will understand that cats are to be served and appreciated and they won’t necessary come when you call them Both boys used to live outdoors but now hey are perfectly happy as indoor cats. Please remember to cat proof your house / flat if you are interested in rehoming these sweet boys as indoor cats.

Larry is looking for home

Larry is looking for a loving home he can call his own.

Larry’s story: a few months ago we were notified about a cat lying down for hours in the middle of the pavement and then a photo was sent to proof the cat was there. It looked seriuos so we went quickly to collect the poor cat and took him to the vets as a matter of urgency. The cat was very lethargic but luckily it was nothing more serious than a very bad and deep abscess on his face. Larry’s injury healed within few weeks. Larry recovered well and as we were not able to find his owners we opted for rehoming.

Larry was thought to be a girl and was even booked for spaying only to find out he was a boy! Oops! 

So very handsome and very friendly Larry is looking for a loving home he can call his own. He’s an adult cat (not sure about exact age) and can live with other cats although he doesn’t like to interact with them too much and all “play time” would need to be on Larry’s terms.


Few words about us

Whether you have lost or found a pet, it can be difficult to know what to do next.

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