When indoor-only cats escapes, they generally hide in silence. They will not meow, even if they know your voice, and they won’t call for help if they’re injured.

When outdoor cats disappear, it generally means that something has happened to disrupt their usual journey home. They may have been chased from their territory by another cat or a roaming dog. They may have been picked up by someone who thinks your cat is lost. Or, they may have got themselves trapped or injured.

Start looking for your cat as soon as you realise he/she is missing. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to find them. Don’t wait for your cat to come back on its own or find its own way back using their ‘homing instinct’. Not all cats have that ability, they can easily become disorientated, can get scared or injured.

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Toby is hoping for someone to love him

Toby is one of many stray cats looking for a loving home. He’s about 1.5 – 2 years old and is a real sweetheart.

Did you know that many black cats have golden eyes, which is the result of high melanin pigment content in their bodies.


Black cats can be boys or girls, but more are male than female.

Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17.

Black cats go with every décor, and, best of all, you can’t see their fur on your furniture!


***HELP REQUEST FOR TIGER*** Some of you may remember Tiger, an older boy who came to us un-neutered, terrified, skinny and confused. He got his confidence back with our lovely foster carer, lost he jewels under C4 scheme and found a loving home with an older couple who loves him dearly. Continue reading “***HELP REQUEST FOR TIGER***”

Please help us to help cats in need

Pablo is one of many local strays brought to our attention. He used to live in various gardens and was fed by local people but when the weather turned cold and rainy he had no shelter and was getting wet outside. He is not neutered, not chipped and was clearly mistreated at some point. He is safe in one of our foster homes getting socialised and in the meantime he’ll be going to the vets to get neutered and health checked. He’ll be also chipped, treated for fleas and worms. Although the neutering is covered by C4 scheme, the other treatments need to be paid for so please help us if you can.  You can help us via PP to or you can click Donate on our web page or

Thank you!

Noel McFluffy

Noel McFluffy used to live rough on one of the local estates. Now in our foster care, safe and warm, Noel is waiting for someone to take him home. Noel is a bit hissy and grumpy (who wouldn’t be after forced neutering) but deep inside he’s a lovely boy. Mega whiskers and all this fluff can be all yours so don’t miss a chance and get in touch now