About Us

Dear Visitor,

Greetings & Welcome to my page!

My name is Felix. I am the Cat in charge of Stokey Cats…and dogs.

In July 2014 I was roaming around Stoke Newington as I didn’t really have a place to stay. I was sleeping under cars and in front gardens. I was searching for food in bins but sometimes nice people kept their food leftovers for me. Not everyone was so nice though…I had few scratches here and there…you know how it is when you have to defend yourself…

One day a nice lady picked me up. I didn’t want to be picked up and I tried to hide but as I was tired and hungry I gave up, and I thought that I would escape later. She took me to a nice place which I call now my home. I had a nice dinner and I slept on a warm blanket. It felt good. My Hooman Mum told me that she searched for my family everywhere but she couldn’t find them. She told me that nobody was looking for me. I felt sad. She asked if I wanted to stay with her. I felt happy and my little heart was jumping from joy. There were other cats in the house. They were nice and friendly to me so I gave my Hooman Mum a head bonk and I purred as a sign of my approval…and I agreed to wear a collar, get micro chipped…and neutered (!!!)…it is not that bad after all, believe me!

Shortly after I officially moved in, we found another cat. I told my Hooman Mum to check again in that box called computer. We spent a long time looking at many cats listed as lost and we were sad to see how many of them were missing locally. I told my mum that I wanted to help them to get back home and this is how we decided to open our own Facebook group Stokey Cats…and dogs.

At the beginning it was only about cats but I felt sorry for the lost dogs and I told my mum that it was OK to help dogs too.

Since that time we help lost and found cats (and sometimes dogs) to find their way home. We also help stray cats and I am happy to share my food with them.

My Hooman Mum knows a lot about our health and our needs and she often gives advice to anyone who is worried about their cats. Recently we’ve lost one of our furbrothers. He was a rescue cat too and we all are very sad he left us. Stokey Cats members were very nice to us when Whiz passed away. We made good friends in our Group.

Hackney Gazette liked us so much that they wrote about us! Read here

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We are also on Twitter @StokeyCatsnDogs.

Visit us, follow us, join us on FB and if you can, please help us to help other cats and dogs. Thank you!

Meows & Purrs,