Indoor Cat

Do you want to adopt an indoor cat? THINK.

Indoor” is not a cat breed. Cats can’t be trained to be indoor only. Adopting an indoor-only cat means that windows/doors can not be left open. A cat is a cat and if you leave the window open the cat will go out. Simple. If you live on a high floor and leave your window open, the cat will jump out and die. The injuries of the cats falling from windows are too severe to treat and will often result in life long paralysis and often cats will need to be PTS (put to sleep = euthanasia). You will need netting or child locks in the windows so the cat can’t push windows wider than they are set and can’t escape.

If there is a balcony it must be fully cat-proofed (netting all the way) so the cat can’t jump out and injured himself or die. Very often people say that they won’t let the cat out onto the balcony. How will it be possible? How will you do that? Summer days are hot. You will open the balcony door. You will go out for a cigarette. You will have a glass of wine on your balcony. You will water some plants. You will have visitors. A cat needs one second to sneak in and you won’t even notice. Cats won’t ask you if they can sit on the balcony railing – they will just do it. And if they will get distracted by a bird they will fall. Their life if as precious as ours. Please make your balcony safe if you want to have an indoor cat.

All family members, flatmates and visitors must agree to keep doors and windows closed or secured. If you have a party please make sure your cat is safe in a spare room and your guests respect the rules no matter how much vino they had. You don’t want your cat to get missing or get injured or worse.

Please do not think that you will walk your indoor cat on a lead. Your cat will not like it and you will expose him to dangers. Cats are not to be walked on a lead. They are not dogs.

Please note that Stokey Cats’ cats will not be rehomed to boats. We appreciate there are many lovely and caring people living on the boats but the outdoor environment is not secure for a cat so please don’t get offended if your application won’t get accepted.

We rehome cats as indoor-only if they were indoor so far or have health issues, are older or their character/temperament is such that allows them to be happy indoors.

If you apply to adopt a cat from us please note that home checks and adoption fees apply. Please remember to leave your full name, address, and the contact number when you apply to adopt a cat otherwise your query won’t be answered. Thank you!

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