***HELP REQUEST FOR TIGER*** Some of you may remember Tiger, an older boy who came to us un-neutered, terrified, skinny and confused. He got his confidence back with our lovely foster carer, lost he jewels under C4 scheme and found a loving home with an older couple who loves him dearly.

Tiger is FIV+ and tested also positive to Calici virus. His gums are inflamed and he needs few teeth (or even all of them) removed. The estimated vet bill at his local vet reached the stars and his owners are not able to cover the bill. The pet insurance for one reason or another is not going to cover this dental.

Obviously we don’t want to see Tiger in any pain and discomfort so we offered to take Tiger to CHAT but although the vet bill is going to be lower it still would need to be paid and his owners asked for help.

Tiger’s dental is scheduled for early February. It will cost about ¬£250 so if we could raise something together to help Tiger’s owners to cover the bill that would be great! I know that once the cat is adopted the rescue shouldn’t be called to cover the bill but he’s an older boy, and his human parents didn’t take into consideration that the pet insurance would’t cover his dental.

If someone would like / could help Tiger you can do so via PP to stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com – please add “Tiger” in comments.

Thank you in advance!

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